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Newsletter Week 28

Hello! – it’s me again ! First things first ....... we still have some members who have yet to pay their subs so we would really like to get that process over if we can. Obviously we are trying to be as flexible as possible to ensure all members are paid up and hence can enter competitions etc and so we have two principle methods.

  1. You can either pay your £20 direct to Chris Hamshaw, our treasurer by taking real money ! (Or a cheque made out to Penryn Camera Club) at 9 Western Terrace, Penryn. Just ring her first to confirm when she is at home in the evening or if you wish to pay during the daytime at the weekend.

  2. Secondly if you do internet banking, you can pay via BACS direct from your bank

PCC News of the Week:

Virtual PCC Meeting:

Well your committee has held another virtual meeting using MS Teams, which went very smoothly so we are really looking forward to our first PCC Virtual meeting next Thursday 1st October @ 7.30pm.

By now You should have all had an email with the joining instructions which allows you to download the Microsoft Teams app and that will allow you to join the meeting at the proposed time/date. We totally accept that some might be having trouble loading the app, so we several committee members are on call to help if necessary as follows.


Paul Cooper



As mentioned last week the meeting will be a great way to get our club “together” again and will be a show of our trip to Alicante last March just before lockdown. It will also give you the familiarity of using such virtual meetings in future see below !

Club Meeting Guidelines:

With his other hat on Victor is currently reviewing a 40 page document risk assessment which The Space has compiled as a response to the very recent Covid 19 pandemic and we will be reviewing our club’s approach at the next committee meeting.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

As your CPA Rep, I attended a Virtual Meeting last Wednesday using Zoom (my first), and again it turned out very well with lots of points being discussed and aired – we even managed to hold an anonymous on screen voting for various proposals. I will be forwarding the minutes to you once they are published, but I just wanted to briefly point out some highlights.

  1. The Charles Hosken Open, Nature and Wildlife competitions will be going ahead as planned but at the moment will probably be virtual meetings (to be conformed).

  2. Virtual Talks/Shows by well known photographers are planned by the CPA and a useful by-product of virtual Zoom meetings is that they can have highly respected speakers from other parts of the UK, and at more reasonable rates because of eliminating the need to travel.

  3. Due mostly to their premises not being open or available, some other clubs are also holding Zoom meetings with pretty good take-up from their members and the St Austell club stated that they would be perfectly happy for members from other CPA Member clubs join them any time. I have personally joined Truro Camera Club when they had a meeting and the offer is an open one, hence PCC members could easily take advantage to broaden their knowledge and involvement in photography.

  4. CPA 50th Anniversary Book: The CPA are in the midst of organising the 50th Anniversary for next year and a 50 page A4 landscape hardback book with very high quality paper will be produced. All fully paid up members of the CPA i.e. 12 clubs will receive a free copy. Each club will have 4 pages, 1 page with a 400 words about each club, 3 pages with photos. Each rep will be requested to provide Lorraine Robbins with the 400 words. Your committee is working on this right now and if any of you have information regarding the establishment of the PCC we would love to hear it (Carole!!). Mandy has already come up with a nice little story from way back !

  5. OK so that’s about it for now except to leave you with a photo memory from June 2011! “See” you next Thursday.

Cheers Derek

photo memory from June 2011


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