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21st March 2019 Practical Evening

This Thursday evening, the club held another practical evening. These are much loved by members as they are opportunities to learn together and from each other, to experiment trying out new techniques and perhaps perfecting old ones. It also gives the chance to bring in new equipment and even to borrow from other members. Chairman, Ron Pitcher opened the evening with an introductory talk and gave advice to individual members as they needed it. Meanwhile colleagues were trying out techniques and sharing advice. You can always tell when an evening is going well and members are really enjoying themselves as the noise level in the room starts to rise and this evening was no exception. It is great to hear and see friends showing off their images, helping each other set up for a photograph or simply discussing maybe a new lens that they have bought and the benefits that it gives them. Everyone clearly enjoyed this relaxed evening! This Thursday is a Presentation evening by Barbara and Malcolm Jenkin, Interested in learning more? Visit the Clubs web site at or come along to a club night and see for yourself, we’d love to meet you.


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