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Club News 25th April

One of the many good things about our Penryn Camera Club is the ability to change

its programme at the last minute to meet members’ needs. Last Thursday was

originally planned as a competition between the men and women members.

However the evening actually turned out instead to be a great event of different

activities. Derek Godridge started with an entertaining hour of images from his

recent trip to Seville with really lovely shots of architecture and street scenes

accompanied by some very interesting historical facts about the locality. Then, after

our normal “comfort break” members split into different groups; one group were

shown how to make their own mounts for images by our Chairman, Ron Pitcher

using his special mount cutting equipment. He was ably assisted by Derek and

Stuart Ford. This was a useful teach-in for those who want to submit prints into

competitions in the future. Another group, lead by our President Geoffrey had their

cameras and manuals out as they discussed the various things that their new

cameras could do. So another night of fun and learning! This Thursday, if the

weather permits, will be the first of our summer evening field trips.


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