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Newsletter #88 19th November 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge and Amanda Hanson

PCC News of the Week:

Coming up THIS Monday 22nd November at 7.30pm we have our Three-Way Battle at Truro Camera Club with Falmouth. Zoom link is also available.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 898 4305 5310

We had a really great evening with Mike Halsey judging our Ken Farnell KF1 competition. Mike had some really helpful comments – many of them around cropping. It’s good to know that even a simple thing like a crop could improve images so well, so a really easy edit to improve our images, so next week we will have an evening on Critiquing and Cropping our KF1 entries!

Well done to all the winners – see them on our Facebook site, or here.

Final Reminder: CPA Nature and Wildlife show Saturday 20th November @ 7.30. At only £4 it represents a bargain and the Zoom link is here:

News from Mandy:

Please Note - KF2 - CHANGES The following categories are the ones to be used for KF2 - HAND-IN Thursday 20th January 2022. This is a SET SUBJECT - SIMPLICITY SET SUBJECT - PRINT - 1 No. Print - can either be Colour or Mono SET SUBJECT - DIGITAL - 1 No. Digital Image - can be Colour or Mono OPEN DIGITAL - 1 No Digital Image - can be Colour or Mono OFF CAMERA (No Photo Editing) - 1 No. Digital Image

TOTAL OF 4 IMAGES for KF2 Meetings

  1. On Monday 22nd November we have a 3 way battle with Truro and Falmouth starting at 7.30pm and if you can’t get there you can use the following Zoom link to get in Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 898 4305 5310

  2. As above last meeting we had our KF1 Competition which saw a great variety of work from members which were ably judged my Mike Halsey.

  3. Next week 25th November we have Mandy’s hand in for Lucky-Dip and a member’sevening to look forward to.


  1. The next FUN competition is Mandy’s “lucky Dip” with the hand-in on Thursday 25th November and the judging on 2nd and 9th December

  2. The next CPA competition is the Charles Hosken digital open Competition with a hand- in date of 16th December. You can submit up to 4 images at 50p each and enter any image so long as it hasn’t been previously entered in previous years.

  3. The KF2 competition for January 2022 will be a set subject “Simplicity” so get your thinking caps on!

Diary Dates


  • Thursday 25th November – Mandy’s “Lucky Dip” Hand-in and member’s Critique evening.

  • Thursday 2nd December – Mandy’s Lucky Dip

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • TBA

Cheers for now Derek & Mandy



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