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Newsletter Week 35

PCC News of the Week:

Your PCC Committee held a meeting just over a week ago and decided that the Lockdown Competition Mark III will comprise 6 rounds and (slightly different this time) will alternate between Set and Open subjects. The Open rounds are ANY subject and with the option of manipulation in any way the photographer wishes, whilst the set subjects have to comply with the set title with cropping and straightening being the only manipulation allowed.

Victor has reviewed the possibility of continuing to open The Space, but it seems even Cornwall Council is still not clear regarding the regulations and hence we cannot risk holding live PCC meetings just yet. However the situation is continually under review and we will hold actual meetings as soon as we are allowed.

The Charles Hosken projected image competition organised by the Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA) is coming up and entries should be ready for hand-in on 21st January 2021. They will be judged in February and shown on Saturday 21st March 2021 at 7.30pm along with the awards’ presentation at the Carnon Downs Village Hall. Details as per the safe web links below:

Don’t forget feedback and guest authors are ALWAYS welcome!

Finally, as a reminder the new Sky Arts show about Rock Music Photography, “Music Through The Lens” might interest some of you and Part 2 of 6 is on tonight at 10pm on Freeview Channel 11 Now over to one of our new members Liz.....

Guest Author – Liz Telling

First of all, thank you all for welcoming me into Penryn CC. It was lovely to actually see you all at the meeting and put faces to names. Well done to the committee for such well thought out COVID precautions.

Robin on a green branch

I was born and brought up in Falmouth, going to school at St. Mary’s and then Tremough. I left Cornwall for a few years to train as a Therapy Radiographer in Bristol but returned to work at Treliske in 1990. I now work as a specialist radiographer and am a qualified non medical prescriber. For anyone who doesn’t know what a Therapy Radiographer does, we treat cancer using x-rays and we are based in the Sunrise Centre.

White Butterfly on a sauce flower

I have 4 children, all grown up, and one grandson who obviously features in lots of my images! I have always enjoyed taking photos, but have developed a more serious interest in photography in the last couple of years after my youngest went to university. I bought myself a Canon 250d and have really enjoyed learning how to use it. Most of my photos are landscapes as I also love walking and the two go together very well. I am an early bird and love a good sunrise! I also have an interest in close up and macro photography.

Low tide sunset shot with beached boats

I have enjoyed looking at all the wonderful images you produce, the standard is so high and it is a privilege to see the world from someone else’s perspective.

Stay safe and best wishes Liz



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