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NL124 – 5th Aug 2022

Editor - Derek Godridge with contributions from Claire and Karen

PCC News

Claire Dougal - A day at East Pool Mine Image Credits: Claire Dougal, Raymond Bate and Derek Godridge Meeting in a supermarket car park in Pool is not usually the most promising start to a day out, apart from Paul arriving in style on his beautiful Harley. However, we “Camborners” know a thing or two about the hidden depths of our area.

East Pool Mine 1

Following the pink flag & thanks to our membership of the National Trust, we enjoyed a free tour of East Pool Mine with the very patient Sue as our guide. (On the extreme right)

A little daunted by the numbers and our enthusiastic interest nevertheless she did a sterling job (Despite a smartie pants DG – Ed !) & we learned so much about the mining & the hard lives of the miners who dug out a fortune in ore.

Sadly it was only the shareholders & the Basset family who owned the land who benefitted. The miners’ lives were often cut short, blighted by “miners’ lung” caused by the drilling dust. We learned that one of the rock drills was called the Widow Maker.

East Pool Mine 2

Camborne, Redruth & Pool were once at the forefront of the world’s mining for copper & tin & developed sophisticated engineering. Sue took us through the history and explained some of the world beating inventions that came from this area with Richard Trevithick as our local hero.

The preserved World Heritage site really showed us how the mine worked, with the impressive beam engine in Taylor’s engine house at its centre.

East Pool Mine 3

It both pumped the water out of the shaft & delivered the miners to their work in small cages. Eight men travelled down in each cage. We tried to recreate the experience but there was a little reluctance amongst our members. Some of us just couldn’t resist a photo opportunity!

East Pool Mine 4

I think we were all amazed at the sheer scale & craftsmanship of the engineering and the buildings with their complex pumps & boilers that drove the mining industry.

East Pool Mine 5

As usual the sense of fun & friendship prevailed throughout the day & Derek managed to risk life & limb again for the crucial picture. This time it was for a killer shot of the beam. Sadly, I didn’t manage to take the incriminating photo.

East Pool Mine 7

Sue very nearly gave him detention for ringing the bell for the winding engine.

East Pool Mine 8

Image Credit: Raymond Bate Everyone enjoyed the visit & found the whole experience fascinating. There was some really enthusiastic snapping going on too so it will be great to see everyone’s viewpoint.

The event was topped off with fish & chips at Sanders. Some of us took advantage of the Senior Specials which were supposed to be smaller portions but were incredibly generous. Thanks once again to Karen for another wonderful day.

Best wishes Claire

Competition Results – “Freedom 4” As you should know from Victor’s email the results are in and posted on our Facebook Page. Here are the winners:

East Pool Mine 9

Summer Programme – Upcoming Events

  • Sunday 7th August- Purdeys Cream Tea

If you haven’t let me know by now I need to know numbers and food choices for our Cream Tea on Sunday 7th August.

  • Cream Tea 2 scones and Jam with Tea £ 5.50

  • Quiche and salad £5.50 PLUS 2.20 Tea/coffee. There are cakes as well on offer !

Please let me know your choices so I can let the lady know for her catering order. If there is anyone who needs details how to get there let me know.

  • Saturday 20th August Hayle-Bird Estuary and Birdies for lunch/tea High Tide around midday so possibly from 10am (TBC)

  • Saturday 27th August - Penryn Town Fair-Exhibition Members to bring prints for display on Thursday 11th August at 7.30pm

  • Saturday 17th December at 5.30pm – Xmas Meal – Falmouth Golf Club See Menu sent out by Karen - £28 for 2 courses, £32 for 3 courses, 10% deposit needed.


  • Thursday 11th August at 7.30 Penryn Fair Day Exhibition is coming up and if you want to exhibit then please come along and arrange your prints and also help sort last season’s which are in storage.

  • Check your PCC 2022-23 Programme and get ready for the new season’s competitions!

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

The AGM has been held and minutes are awaited TBA Wildlife & Nature Competition Hand-in - Saturday 17th September Competition results - Saturday 19th November 2022 – St John’s Hall, St Austell More details at

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • 11th March 2023 - Knightshayes Trophy 2023 subject is “Decisive Moment”

Best wishes Derek, Claire and Karen

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